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Buchu detox New

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Buchu Power is a revolutionary liquid supplement from Swissgarde. 

The individual potency of each combined extract offers numerous health benefits. This makes Buchu Power a potent and highly sought-after supplement. 
Buchu Power is a general health tonic. Can be used in every home, both as a preventive as well as a remedial therapy.
It is also important to re-emphasize that it is made up of natural food extracts with no negative side effects. Invest in Buchu Power now and become one of our numerous satisfied customers.
Swissgarde Buchu Power - Detox Drink

*Health Benefits of Swissgarde Buchu Power*

1. Beneficial for detoxification and colon cleansing.
2.Helps improve blood circulation
3. Has antibacterial properties
4. Buchu Power normalizes blood sugar
5. Has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it beneficial for Gout, Arthritis and Prostrate problems.
6. Cleanses the bladder and deals with Urinary Tract Infection (URI)