MediHerbs Camphor Cure (20ml)

MediHerbs Camphor Cure (20ml)

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MediHerbs Camphor Cure

Camphor Cure is a highly effective remedy for the treatment of many different skin conditions.

In addition to removing and treating unsightly skin ulcers and warts,
this tried and tested remedy (since 1966) also removes or cures

• Age Spots and Skin Tags

• Acne and Pimples

• Boils and Oozing Sores

• Athletes Foot and Other Fungal Infections

• Head Lice and Nits

Camphor Benefits

Preparations containing camphor are used to relieve skin irritations and itchiness,
And may help improve the overall condition of the skin.
Camphor has antibacterial and antifungal properties that make it useful in healing infections.


Camphor Cure has a drying effect and dissolves dead skin.

No colorants or perfumes are used

Additional Uses
Mild Asthma Attacks