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PHYTOGARD1000 Foodstate Plus

The immune system is a well-coordinated system (organs, tissues, cells) that protects the body against the invasion of foreign biological bodies such as proteins called antigens. When the antigen enters the body, complex chemical and mechanical activities are set into motion. The most common response to the antigen is the production of an antibody, a protein synthesized by immune system to help neutralize pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The antigen-- 
antibody reaction is an important component of the overall immune response. 
Immunity is achieved when the body has adequate biological defences to fight 
infections or diseases.
Did you know? 
Beta-sitosterol is classified as a 
phytosterol (a class of compounds 
similar to cholesterol) 

Do not take PHYTOGARD® if you 
are hypersensitive (allergic) to any 
of the ingredients.

A compromised immune system can lead to many types of degenerative disorders that can strike at any age - young or old. Phytogard is especially important for individuals who already have a compromised immune system.

It can be given to assist in:

  • Improving immune competency,
  • Retarding the progression of disease,
  • Improving quality of life.

Dosage and directions for use:

Children 4 years and older: 1 capsules per day.
Adults: 2 soft gel capsules per day
Swallow with liquid.

TURBO your immune system  TODAY. 

Glutathione: source of an amino acids involved in muscle protein 
synthesis and helps support immune system after periods of physical 
• Alpha lipoic acid (ALA): an organic compound that acts as an 
antioxidant in the body to help fight free radical damage. 
• Beta-sistosterol: used orally for boosting immune system
• FoodState® PLUS Proprietary Blend: combines the same trusted, 
proven FoodState® technology with additional Herbal Bio-Enhancers 
and Superfood in New Breakthrough Formulations! Mother Nature’s 
gifts to support Health and Vitality.
• Selenium: an antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress 
caused by free radicals and provides support to the functioning of 
healthy immune system.
• Zinc: an antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress caused 
by free radicals. Helps to maintain immune function, metabolism 
carbohydrates, fats and proteins promoting overall