Skin, Hair and Nails: 30 Tablets

Skin, Hair and Nails: 30 Tablets

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A unique formula that contains FoodState® micronutrients, to help achieve and maintain beauty from within:

  • Vitamin C for collagen formation
  • B-complex vitamins, Biotin and Choline to support the production of energy
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for skin health
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • Folic Acid,Choline, Copper, Zinc, MSM

Skin, Hair and Nails will support lustruous hair, strong nails and a vibrant skin.

The changes like inadequate diet,
hair styling and lifestyle
can all have an impact on hair growth, the condition of
our skin, hair and nails.

Spoil yourself today.