Discontinued  Uritron: 30 Tablets

Discontinued Uritron: 30 Tablets

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The Urinary System is a system of organs that produces and excretes urine containing unwanted wastes, excess water, salts, and nitrogen compounds. Excessive or inadequate production of urine may indicate illness, for example, the presence of glucose in the urine. Supplementation with Uritron tablets will help keep the tract healthy whilst also maintaining body fluid balance.

Each tablet contains: Beta Carotene 2.5mg, Vitamin B6 5mg, Potassium 5mg, Zinc 2.5mg, Betasitosterol 50mg, Arginine 75mg, Cysteine 75mg, Pumpkin seed 50mg, Herbal blend 250mg: Alisma Root, Anamarrhena, Cornus Fruit, Dandelion, Dioscorea, Peony, Phellodendron, Poria Cocos, Rehmannia, Stinging Nettle, Uva Ursi.